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Offizielles Paket = Offizielles eisfair-Paket
Geprüftes Paket = Paket geprüft


Offizielles Paket base 2.8.25 eisfair base runtime system update to 2.8.25
Offizielles Paket coreutils 3.2.0 coreutils - GNU Core Utilities
Offizielles Paket cui-tools 3.2.0 cui-tools - curses tools for eisfair
Offizielles Paket dahdi-linux 3.2.0 dahdi-linux - Binary firmware for DAHDI Cards
Offizielles Paket dash 3.2.0 dash - POSIX-compliant shell
Offizielles Paket eisfair-base 3.2.1 eisfair-base - Various tools and scripts for eisfair
Offizielles Paket eisman 3.2.1 eisman - Package manager for eisfair
Offizielles Paket environment 2.8.5 environment - Settings for environment
Geprüftes Paket firmware_adi 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Analog Devices Inc. DSL modem chips
Offizielles Paket firmware_alsa 3.2.0 firmware_alsa - Binary firmware for Soundcards ALSA
Geprüftes Paket firmware_amd-graphics 3.0.0 Binary firmware for AMD/ATI graphics chips
Geprüftes Paket firmware_atheros 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Atheros wireless cards
Geprüftes Paket firmware_atmel 3.0.0 Binary firmware 802.11n driver for WILC1000
Offizielles Paket firmware_avm 2.8.0 Binary firmware for AVM ISDN Cards
Geprüftes Paket firmware_bnx2x 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Broadcom NetXtreme II 10Gb
Geprüftes Paket firmware_broadcom 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Broadcom 802.11 wireless cards
Geprüftes Paket firmware_chelsio 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Chelsio Terminator Ethernet adapter
Geprüftes Paket firmware_intel-gpu 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Intel Integrated Graphics
Geprüftes Paket firmware_intel-sound 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Intel sound DSP
Geprüftes Paket firmware_intelwimax 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Intel WiMAX Connection
Geprüftes Paket firmware_ipw2x00 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Intel Pro Wireless 2100, 2200 and 2915
Geprüftes Paket firmware_ivtv 3.0.0 Binary firmware for iTVC15-family MPEG codecs
Geprüftes Paket firmware_iwlwifi 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Intel Wireless cards
Geprüftes Paket firmware_keyspan 3.0.0 Binary firmware for USB Keyspan USA-xxx serial device
Geprüftes Paket firmware_libertas 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Marvell Libertas 8xxx wireless cards
Geprüftes Paket firmware_matrox 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Matrox G200/G400/G550
Geprüftes Paket firmware_mediatek 3.0.0 Binary firmware for MediaTek MT76xx
Geprüftes Paket firmware_myricom 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Myri-10G Ethernet adapters
Geprüftes Paket firmware_netronome 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Netronome network adapters
Geprüftes Paket firmware_netxen 3.0.0 Binary firmware for QLogic Intelligent Ethernet ...
Geprüftes Paket firmware_nvidia 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Nvidia
Geprüftes Paket firmware_qlogic 3.0.0 Binary firmware for QLogic HBAs
Geprüftes Paket firmware_qualcomm 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Qualcomm graphics and video
Geprüftes Paket firmware_ralink 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Ralink wireless cards
Geprüftes Paket firmware_realtek 3.0.0 Firmware for Realtek wired/wifi/BT adapters
Geprüftes Paket firmware_samsung 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Samsung MFC video codecs
Geprüftes Paket firmware_siano 3.0.0 Binary firmware for Siano MDTV receivers
Geprüftes Paket firmware_ti-connectivity 3.0.0 Binary firmware for TI Connectivity wifi/BT/FM/GPS
Offizielles Paket glibc 3.2.1 GLibC - Standard Shared Libraries version 2.33
Offizielles Paket glibc-locale 3.2.0 GLibC - Locale Data for Localized Programs
Offizielles Paket hostname 3.2.0 hostname - Utility to Set/Show the Host Name or Domain Name
Offizielles Paket libprocps8 3.2.0 Library: procps - 8 - control and query process state
Offizielles Paket locales 3.0.0 locales - Settings for locale and console
Offizielles Paket logrotate 3.2.1 logrotate - Rotate, compress, remove system log files
Offizielles Paket lsb-release 3.2.1 lsb-release - Linux Standard Base Release Tools
Offizielles Paket mingetty 3.2.0 mingetty - Minimal Getty for Virtual Consoles Only
Offizielles Paket shadow 3.2.0 shadow - Utilities to Manage User and Group Accounts
Offizielles Paket sudo 3.2.0 sudo - Execute some commands as root
Offizielles Paket sysvinit 3.2.0 sysvinit - SysV-Style init
Offizielles Paket util-linux 3.2.0 util-linux - A collection of basic system utilities