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libssl-hmac (security)

libssl-hmac - OpenSSL-HMAC 1.0.0 for FIPS-140-2 integrity (Offizielles Paket)

Version: 2.8.5 Status: stable Release Datum: 2019-12-28
Autor: the eisfair team, team(at)eisfair(dot)org
Internal Program Version: OpenSSL  1.0.2u

The FIPS compliant operation of the openssl shared libraries is NOT
possible without the HMAC hashes contained in this package!
SHA256-Prüfsumme: 06357824e1f926aada408829c57193b6009ab40fb82145b9d57d6d7e74bcfd7e
Größe: 1 KByte
Benötigte Pakete: base 2.8.19
libssl 2.8.5