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Dateianzeige für power_button (2.6.0)

power_button - package for eisfair ================================== acpid - the ACPI event daemon ACPID is a completely flexible, totally extensible daemon for delivering ACPI events. It listens on a file (/proc/acpi/event) and when an event occurs, executes programs to handle the event. The programs it executes are configured through a set of configuration files, which can be dropped into place by packages or by the admin. If you use ACPI, you should use acpid. The man page for acpid has lots of useful information, read it :). EXAMPLE This example - placed in /etc/acpi/events/power - will shut down your system if you press the power button. event=button/power action=/etc/acpi/ "%e" The script gets called and will see the complete event string as parameter $1. Die Konfiguration START_POWER_BUTTON Fuer die Aktivierung des POWER_BUTTON muss diese Variable lediglich auf den Wert 'yes' gestellt werden. Die Einstellung 'no' schaltet POWER_BUTTON ab. Gueltige Werte: yes, no Standardeinstellung: START_POWER_BUTTON='no'