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python-coverage (plang)

Python - coverage - Code coverage measurement (Offizielles Paket)

Version: 2.6.4 Status: stable Release Datum: 2016-07-26
Autor: the eisfair team, team(at)eisfair(dot)org
Internal Program Version: coverage  4.0.3

Build for Python 2.7 measures code coverage, typically during test execution. It uses
the code analysis tools and tracing hooks provided in the Python standard
library to determine which lines are executable, and which have been executed.
SHA1-Prüfsumme: 286b17b3ab8028ea0e441ff539ba4fcf2b69ac37
Größe: 178.65 KByte
Benötigte Pakete: base 2.7.4
python 2.6.4