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perl-test-base (perl)

Perl - Test::Base (Offizielles Paket)

Version: 2.8.0 Status: stable Release Datum: 2018-02-15
Autor: the eisfair team, team(at)eisfair(dot)org
Internal Program Version: Test::Base  0.88

Testing is usually the ugly part of Perl module authoring. Perl gives you a
standard way to run tests with Test::Harness, and basic testing primitives
with Test::More. After that you are pretty much on your own to develop a
testing framework and philosophy. Test::More encourages you to make your
own framework by subclassing Test::Builder, but that is not trivial.
SHA256-Prüfsumme: 767656a69a9f924cda40ed41aafc61f7301bc646a4b695779bec584b1308174c
Größe: 14.81 KByte
Benötigte Pakete: base 2.8.1
perl 2.8.0
perl-spiffy 2.8.0