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net-snmp (net)

net-snmp - Free SNMP tool

Version: 2.0.1 Status: testing Release Datum: 2013-03-22
Autor: Olaf Jaehrling - eisfair[at]ojaehrling[dot]de

net-snmp() function is used to read all the values from an SNMP
agent specified by the hostname. Community  specifies the read
community for that agent.
inclusive snmpget, snmpusm, snmpwalk, snmpbulkwalk, snmptable, snmptrap,
 snmptrapd, snmpbulkget, snmptranslate, snmpdelta, snmptest, snmpdf, snmpvacm, 
 snmpstatus, snmpnetstat

 compiled with:
            Net-SNMP configuration summary:
  SNMP Versions Supported:    1 2c 3
  Building for:               linux
  Net-SNMP Version:           5.7.2
  Network transport support:  Callback Unix Alias TCP UDP 
  Network transport support:  IPv4Base SocketBase TCPBase UDPIPv4Base UDPBase
  SNMPv3 Security Modules:    usm
  Agent MIB code:             ucd-snmp/lmSensors mibII/mta_sendmail tunnel 
  Agent MIB code:             misc/ipfwacc etherlike-mib default_modules =
  Agent MIB code:             util_funcs/header_simple_table tunnel/tunnel 
  Agent MIB code:             util_funcs/header_simple_table 
  Agent MIB code:             etherlike-mib/dot3StatsTable snmpv3mibs mibII 
  Agent MIB code:             ucd_snmp notification notification-log-mib target
  Agent MIB code:             agent_mibs agentx disman/event disman/schedule
  Agent MIB code:             utilities host
  MYSQL Trap Logging:         unavailable
  Embedded Perl support:      enabled
  SNMP Perl modules:          building -- embeddable
  SNMP Python modules:        building for /usr/bin/python
  Crypto support from:        crypto
  Authentication support:     MD5 SHA1
  Encryption support:         DES AES

Größe: 9.9 KByte
Benötigte Pakete: net-snmp-mibs 2.0.0
base 2.0.1
Benötigte Libraries: net-snmp-lib 2.0.0