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firmware_ti-connectivity (base)

Binary firmware for TI Connectivity wifi/BT/FM/GPS (Verifiziert)

Version: 3.0.0 Status: stable Release Datum: 2020-05-03
Autor: Thomas Quast, eisfair(at)

  This package contains the binary firmware for Texas Instruments
  WL1251, WL127x, WL128x, WL18xx, WL4/6/7/8  wireless network chips supported
  by the wl1251, wl12xx and wl18xx drivers and BT/FM/GPS chips
  supported by the st_drv driver.

  License: TI Technology and Software Publicly Available Software License

SHA256-Prüfsumme: fb83b9c19439f3024ff6ce986b0221503f2772318c73003b319963618057b9a0
Größe: 3.68 MByte