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Dateianzeige für teamspeak3 (0.1.7)

0.1.7 2012-09-17 richter =========================== - update to ts3server_linux_x86 - some bugfixes 0.1.6 2010-08-11 richter =========================== - fixed an error in /etc/init.d/teamspeak3. This error has deleted an important file on update which maked it impossible to start the teamspeak3 server 0.1.5 2010-08-05 richter =========================== - added /usr/local/teamspeak3/ because since the ts3 server run not under root rights, mysql database handling was not available when the start command was called out of the init-script. 0.1.4 2010-08-04 richter =========================== - removed the automatic update routine - added an automatic update check which sends an email if a new version was found - added a new menuitem 'check for updates' up- and downgrades are possible 0.1.3 2010-06-30 richter =========================== - since the namespace for teamspeak3 directories on the download-server changed, the automatic update routine failed. Now the update-function looked for the version number and a pattern like (-pre), if exists. - delete an empty line in /var/install/menu/ because there was an empty menu item in the classic-menu - implemented a version check for kernel for eisfair-1 in /tmp/ if an old kernel < 1.20.0 installed the installation will be aborted. This is nessasary because teamspeak3 only runs on a kernel greater than 2.5.44 0.1.2 2010-06-19 richter =========================== - the LICENSE must be accepted or the install-routine would aborted - teamspeak3-server now running as user teamspeak3 - automatic update routine for the ts3 binaries included 0.1.1 2010-03-18 richter =========================== - Update to ts3server_linux_x86 3.0.0-beta20 - /etc/config.d/teamspeak3 - added new variable TEAMSPEAK3_QUERY_PORT - /var/install/config.d/ - some bugfixes - /etc/init.d/teamspeak3 - added chmod u+x for ts3server_linux_x86 if it wasn'n executable. - /var/install/menu/ - append a new line at the end of file in oder to show the last entry on the classic style menu. - /var/install/bin/pre-setup-services-teamspeak3-advanced-menu delete line no. 80 (empty line before EOFG), because the classic style menu shows an empty entry. 0.1.0 2010-02-11 richter =========================== - initial revision